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A Conservative Case for Healthcare Mandates?

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This whole issue of healthcare mandates has become the key controversial factor in the Obamacare debate.  Surely there are some principle-based arguments being made by both republicans and democrats as this matter moves to the U.S. Supreme Court?  But it would seem to be “politics as usual” in Washington, as both republicans and democrats have continued to “flip flop on the mandate issue.  A little research will show us that the republicans were all for a mandate before they, for unknown reasons, turned against such a mandate.  When the President was running for office, he was all against such a mandate.  Now he is leading the charge.  Conviction?  Or just plain old opportunistic politics?  Take a look at my new column now posted that tries to make a little “common sense” out of this complicated but important issue.  You can read it now by clicking on the flashing red box above or by Clicking Here.  And you can see the Obama take on the mandate, when he was running for office, in the video below.

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