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So Let’s Talk About the Race for Prez!

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Presidential politics will be our focus on this week’s “Common Sense” radio show on Sunday morning.  Does Mitt Romney have the Republican nomination sewed up?  He seems to have made a good impression in the recent debates, and his campaign received a major boost with this week’s endorsement by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  Has Texas Governor Rick Perry’s campaign begun to fissile?Who else, at this stage, really has a chance to beat him?


How about Senator Marco Rubio of Florida?  The Hispanic vote could make the difference in winning the general election.  Is Rubio a “lock” for the Vice Presidential nomination?  We will also talk abut the religious factor?
Some evangelical Christians are demanding more than a good, moral candidate.  They want a born ““again follower of Jesus Christ and Rick Perry fills that bill.  Will the Mormon factor play a role in who gets elected?

We hope you will join the conversation this Sunday Morning from 9:00 am central time till 11:00 am.  We hope to see you on the radio.

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