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Politics, Country Music and Alzheimer’s on the Radio!

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A full plate of topics on this week’s “Common Sense.”Â  We will continue our discussion about the confrontational tone of Republican candidates for president. The continuing, sometimes rude and even juvenile bickering on debates platforms no doubt brings smiles to the faces of the Obama team.  So who is rising above the fray and moving ahead?  We will have several political analysts join me to discuss who the Republican nominee is going to be.

We will also have, as a return guest, Multiple Emmy-Award-winner Barry Petersen, who has covered wars, genocide, interviewed dozens of stars, and several Bosnian War Crimes Tribunal suspects. Barry earned one of his Emmys for reporting the Siege of Sarajevo for CBS Sunday Morning. He shared both Peabody and DuPont Awards for being a part of the CBS News Radio coverage of the Tiananmen Square uprising in 1989, and an Edward R. Murrow award for, of all things, sports writing for a story on baseball coming to Beijing. One report he could have never prepared himself for, however, is when his wife, Jan, was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 55.  His wife is still living, and Barry will, as he has before, eloquently discuss how he and Jan are coping.  You can read more of Barry and the book by Clicking Here.

And hey, I just love country music.  My buddy, Randy Rudder, has written a great book called “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Country Music: The Inspirational Stories behind 101 of Your Favorite Country Songs.”Â  Randy will join us to share some funny stories of just how some of these famous country songs came about.  More about Randy’s book by Clicking here.  So a busy weekend, and we sure hope you will join us for Jim Brown’s “Common Sense.”Â  Check your local talk show listings for the time and station in your area of the country, or you can listen live right here on this site by clicking the flashing blue box above.

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