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War and Health on this Week’s Radio Show!

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International conflict and just taking good care of yourself nightlight this week’s “Common Sense” radio show over the genesis Communications network.  Let me say how amazed and pleased we all are at the huge growth in listeners all over the world. Over 20% of our listeners over the internet tune in from outside the United States.  10% from China alone.  So there is a thirst for information worldwide and we are certainly happy to have so many new radio fans join up from listening stains from far and wide.

Do you know that former President Bill Clinton has become a vegan, and do you even know what a vegan really is?  An eating and lifestyle that hopefully keeps the heart and other organs ticking and working well right up to a ripe old age.  Dr. Ann Gittleman, from California, will join us at 9:30 central time to discuss how you can become healthier yet still enjoy what you eat.  Should you eat meat and dairy products?  What are the best substitutes?  Dr. Gittleman has a great nutritional website at www.annlouise.com, and nutrition advice at www.smoothieshakedown.com.  Her new book, “Fat Slush for Life” has a number of great tips, and you can read all about it by Clicking here.

During our show’s second hour, we will look at American’s quagmire in Afghanistan and Iraq?  It seemed easy to get in, but how do we wind this whole Middle East  mess down and how long will it take?  Joshua Gleis has an important new book out called “Withdrawing Under fire.”Â  He takes a look at lessons learned from Islamist insurgencies and we will certainly have a lively discussion.  You can get more information about his book by Clicking here.  All this and more on this weekend’s “Common Sense.”Â  Be sure and tune in.

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