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Full Radio Agenda This Weekend!

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Well we are gearing up for the “Common Sense” weekend show with so many topics to cover.  How about health insurance costs for a starter.  The rates keep going up and up.  And you know what?  Unless there is some major increase in federal expenditures, or you take a cut back in your benefits, this trend is going to continue.  I’ll tell you why this weekend on the radio.  We will also talk about why the average citizen in countries worldwide, including the U.S. have lost faith in their officials, and why there is growing contempt for the political class.  And that’s just for starters.

Award winning author and old friend Tom Piazza will be a guest to talk about his new book, “Devil Sent the Rain,”Â  which delivers a collection of his writings on his passions-literature, music, and New Orleans. No one has chronicled New Orleans post Katrina better than Tom.  He is a writer, also, for the HBO series, Treme.  You can find all about his new book by Clicking Here.

And with the world so messed up right now, how about a little spiritual enlightenment?  Noted author Andrew Cohen thinks we are going through a breakdown of our traditional and spiritual ways, and tells how to refocus in his new book, Evolutionary Enlightenment.”Â  You can read more about it by Clicking Here.

So we have much to discuss and I sure hope you will be part of the discussion.  Join us this weekend on stations nationwide from 9:00 am central until 11:00 am.  We will see you on the radio.




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