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Crazy Marriage Proposal

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I guess the old fashioned marriage proposal, yo u know….the guy getting down on one knee,  asking for his special lady’s hand in marriage, is, well, passe’.  Young folks today look to either make a statement, or bring a little humor into popping the question.  How about hits guy?  Take a look below and one way to ask the special request!

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By the way, I asked the question as to who has a creative way to pop the question, and here are just a few of the suggestions I received.  I’m not sure I would try some of these suggestions, but take a look.

Take her/him to the theatre and ask the stage manager if he will ask her/him to marry you after the final curtain. This is the perfect ending to a perfect evening.

Turn up at her/his office in the middle of the afternoon armed with a red rose, a bottle of champagne and a glass with the ring in it.

Write ‘will you marry me’ — her/his name in chalk on the street outside your apartment in big enough letters so that she/he will notice it. Phone up your local radio station and get them to pop the question for you over the air waves at a time that you know she/he will be listening. Then dedicate a song to her/him.

Wrap a large box and fill with smaller boxes all wrapped the last box that she will come to will be the smallest with the ring inside. Or alternatively wrap a large box and fill with those tiny foam pieces and let her look for the small box inside.

Cut the bottom out of a very large box then wrap it. Take it to her place of work and ask one of her colleague’s to go get her telling her that there is a large parcel for her. Meanwhile you climb in from the bottom and when she unwraps it jump out with the ring in hand and ask her to make an honest man of you.

Take out a full page ad in a paper that you know your loved one reads regularly and be close by when he/she reads it.

If you’re dining in a fancy restaurant, ask the waiter/waitress to write, “Will you marry me?” in chocolate sauce around the rim of his/her dessert plate.

Take her/him up in a hot air balloon with a bottle of champagne and announce that’ll you’ll jump if she/he doesn’t marry you.

Plan a treasure hunt. Set the clues in place and when he/she gets to the last clue you will be standing there with champagne and a proposal they can’t refuse.

Hire a skywriter to spell your proposal on high.

Hire a plane to fly a banner with your “Marry me (insert name here)” message written on it. Take him/her somewhere open and point to the sky.

If you are brave enough get a tattoo done with “Will you marry me?” but only if you are sure that he/she is the right one and once he/she has accepted finish it off with the date of your engagement and marriage.

Take him to see his favorite football team playing and get the commentator to ask him to marry you.


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