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Well normally, this is the slow month of August, with hot summer days, and not really  all that much news.  Not this year.  We have followed international confrontations that will leave an unstable Middle Ease for years to come, and a national recession that has been a financial calamity for millions of Americans.  And now, some Lady called Irene.   We know something about preparing for hurricanes if you live down in my part of the country.  But this is a whole new world for millions of Americans up and down the east coast.  I’ll have a number of personal stories and insights plus the latest information at the top of our show this weekend.




And how controversial can we get?  Well, how about public executions?  That’s what a team of criminal professors are advocating in a recent New York Times column.  I’ll have as a guest Professor Zachary Shemtob to talk about his avocation of a return to public executions as a deterrent for violent crime.  What do you think?  Tune in for the conversation.






And it’s time again to talk about this atrocious law called the Patriot Act, and all the damage it has done to our democratic system of government.  A pox on all those congressman and senators who voted to strip you of many of your constitutional rights.  Author and columnist Jay Feldman will discuss his provocative new book about how our notions of democracy, freedom, and tolerance are threatened during political, social, and economic crises.  It’s called MANUFACTURING HYSTERIA: A History of Scapegoating, Surveillance, and Secrecy in Modern America, and you can find out lots more and order the book by Clicking Here.






Finally, we will be joined by national bestselling author Ellen Lubin-Sherman, who has some insights for working men and women alike in her new book “The Essentials of Fabulous:  Because Whatever Doesn’t Work Here Anymore.”Â  You can read all about it by Clicking Here. So a lively show that we hope you won’t want to miss.  You can hear the “Common Sense program on stations nationwide, or live right here on this site by clicking the blue box at the top of the page.  Hey, we will see you on the radio.


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