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Just because it’s August and often up to 100 degrees in many parts of the country doesn’t mean there is not a whole lot going on to talk about on the radio.   The political climate is dysfunctional, and daily “goofy” comments take place by both parties.  Is there anyone running for president that has a lick of “Common Sense?”Â Â  Just who is this guy Rick Perry, and does he have way too much Texas swagger to be President?  Did you know he was Al Gore’s Texas campaign manager when Gore ran for President back in 1988?  He sure can change is stripes.  Are we ready for another cowboy President?  We will talk about it.

It seems like every time you pick up the paper, there is another scandal involving the Catholic Church.  New Orleans author Jason Berry was a major figure in breaking the pedophile priests scandal throughout the church and has ever produced a film abut this tragedy.  Now he has a new book out called “Render unto Rome-The Secret Life of Money in the Catholic Church.”Â  Jason will join us in this weekend’s show as part of our second hour.  You can find out more concerning his new book by Clicking Here.

We also seem to read daily about another innocent victim incarcerated for a crime they didn’t commit.  I am gathering a wide list of such injustices for a possible new book, and the list is growing rapidly.  Gov. Rick Perry, by the way, has some answering to do over his failure to investigate a horrendous miscarriage of justice in Texas involving Cameron Todd Willingham who was executed, and who many reliable investigators now say it was obvious he was innocent.  Author Laura Caldwell has a new book out called “Claim of Innocence.”Â  It too profiles a woman falsely accused of poisoning her best friend.  It’s a major best seller and you can find out more about this chilling novel by Clicking Here..

Also, my  ole buddy and home improvement guru Michael King, the Cajun Contactor, will give us an update on protecting your home in case you have a major insurance claim.  All this and much more to be covered in this week’s “Common Sense” radio program.  I sure hope you will tune in on a flock of stations that carry or show nationwide, or right here on this website by Clicking on the blue box at the top of this page.  We will see you on the radio.

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