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Two of my Favorites face Off at Wimbledon!

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As of this writing, my two favorite female tennis stars are soon to face each other in the Wimbledon semi finals.  I’ve had the chance to see tennis at Wimbledon for many years, going back to my days in school at Cambridge University.  I used to run track meets at Wimbledon back in the 60s.  Now it’s THE place for tennis, and I wish I could be there now to cheer on my two favorites.  I followed both Russian American Maria Sharapova and Sabine Lasicki, who is from Germany, during my spring training trips to Tampa over the past several years.  Sharapova is the flashy glamor star of tennis, and Lasicki is the teenage newcomer.  Now they face off in a match I look forward to seeing.  I’ve followed and visited with them both, so I’m torn as to who to root for.

Maria Sharapova, the Wimbledon favorite, in action above and getting a few pointers (Yeah! right!) from yours truly below.

I’ll be watching Sabine Lasicki work out for years to come since she is so young, as I did this past March in Florida.

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