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So much to talk about in our weekend show, and way too little time.  We will take a look at the week in review, and look at the musical chairs being played by republican presidential candidates.  It’s hard to say from week to week who is in and who is out.  Sarah Palin goes to New Your to eat pizza and gets more attention than several major republicans who announced for President this week.  Go figure.

Hey, there is a new blood test out that can supposedly predict just how long you will live?  Will you take it?  I think I would, but we will talk about it.  And did you know that your teeth and gums are an important part of keeping you from a number of diseases?  Dr. Daniel Sindelar will join me to tell you why he feels that your total health depends on the state of your oral health and the connection between gum disease and cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, or Alzheimer’s is now uncomfortably clear.  His book, Refresh Life, is compelling and full information can be found by Clicking Here.

I’ll also talk with educator Susan Kruger, who challenges parents to organize their kids time better if they want to see dramatic improvement in learning. Susan’s book, Soar Study Skills sets out an ambitious plan for student improvement.  More can be found by Clicking Here. A full agenda, so join us this weekend on the radio.


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