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New Stations Join Common Sense Network!

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The Common sense radio show starts out in the month of July with an independence weekend bang, and several new stations joining our network.  New additions to the show include:

WVNJ 1160 AM in New York City and Teaneck, New Jersey.  This is a large market station that has listeners throughout northern New Jersey and throughout New York City.

And how about a surge in Louisiana stations?  New Orleans station KAGY 1510 AM, one of the Crescent City’s great music stations will go all talk when the Jim Brown “Common Sense” show hits the airwaves.  We are proud to also go live with sister stations WABL 1570 Am in Hammond, Louisiana as well as KMRC 1430 AM in Morgan City, the heart of South Louisiana.  We welcome these new stations that now are a part of one of the country’s fastest growing talk radio networks.  Our show is heard coast to coast on Sunday mornings, and we hope you will tune in.

The U.S. Supreme Court came down with a chilling decision this week banning states from stopping young kids from watching violet and sexually expressive video games.  So much for states rights.  It’s open season on mass torture, mayhem and gross violence for your kids to enjoy.  So guess who will join me on my show?  Leading sex expert, clinical psychologist, lawyer and former Playboy Playmate Dr. Victoria Zdrok Wilson, author of a new book called, “The 30-Day Sex Solution,” and she will talk about our country’s puritanical sexual attitudes in American life which Dr. Zdrok says have long been “pro-violent and anti-sex.  So what is the law and the effects on minors of violent sexual behavior on video games as well as the mass violence that takes place in many of these games?  We will find out on Sunday.  And you can find out all about Dr. Wilson’s new book by Clicking Here.

And we will take a gander at a hot new bestselling novel called The Faculty Club, by author Danny Tobey who will join me on the show.  Full information about the new novel can be found by Clicking Here. This and much more all this weekend on Jim brown’s Common Sense.

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