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So Much to Cover this Weekend!

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There never is a lack of challenging topics to talk about on the radio, particularly this weekend.  “˜We have a full agenda planned and we hope you will be able to join the show.  How about we start grading parents as well as the kids?  Teachers overwhelmingly agree that parental guidance and participation is a key component in a child’s advancement and success in school.  Some parents don’t carry their load.  So how about giving them a grade and build in some consequences?  We will talk about it.

And is America in decline?  Many seem to think so.  Maybe it’s our leaders, the politicians who never tire of pontificating, but what about effective leading?  Is they system that is the problem, or is it our elected officials?  The Patriot Act (better called the Unpatriotic Act) will also be on our agenda as congress is about to renew this terrible legislation that continues to erode our individual freedoms.

Todd Lipscomb will join us to discuss why we our undermining our economy by not buying American.  His new book, “Re-Made in the USA,” is creating a lot of comments as to whether we can restore jobs, retool manufacturing and compete better in the world market.  You can read more about Todd’s book by Clicking Here.

And finally, who can forget the movie E.T. and the star, Dee Wallace?  She has made 130 films, and has a new book out called “Bright Light.”Â  More information is found by Clicking Here, and I look forward to talking to Dee about her fascinating life.  All this crammed into our show this weekend.  Be sure and tune in or listen to our podcast which you can access above.

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