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So much news to cover.  So little time.  That’s my dilemma for this Sunday’s “Common Sense” nationally syndicated radio show. We of course have to give the nation a”flood update.”Â  It’s a national story of the disruption of thousands of peoples’ live and a huge economic disruption for the entire country.  And sad to say, the high waters will continue for weeks to come.

And how about that new test developed in England that can tell you how long you have to live?  Would you take it?  Or do you really want to know?  This controversial test measures how fast someone is aging, and does so by measuring vital structures on the tips of a person’s chromosomes.  So if the test works, will it be misused by your banks and insurance companies when you take out a loan or life insurance?  Lots of troubling gut important questions to be discussed this weekend.

With all the political controversial throughout the country, why is it so difficult to get various groups to work together and set some realistic national goals?  This question is addressed by my guest Linda Stout in her new book, “Collective Visioning.” Linda will join us in our second hour this weekend and you get more information about her new book by Clicking Here.  So be sure and tune in this weekend for a lively radio program.


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