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Bin Laden, China and Mother’s Day all on the Radio!

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We have a busy and really informative radio show lined up for this week at stations nationwide on the Genesis Communications network, and we hope you will be able to listen. Let’s first welcome several new stations to our fast growing network.
Omaha, Nebraska KLNG ““ 1560am
Valdosta, Georgia WTHV- 810am
Ashland, Oregon KSKQ 94.9fm

Of course, we will take a look at the consequences of Osama bin Laden’s death, and how it will affect our safety in the future. Take a look at this week’s column that concludes bin Laden is dead but his effect on our American way of life continues. Will we ever get our basic freedoms back? We will talk abut it this weekend.

Don’t forget it is Mother’s Day. Mothering today is trickier than ever before,” says gender/relationships expert and bestselling author Susan Shapiro Barash) whose latest book, “You’re Grounded Forever”¦But First, Let’s Go Shopping” examines the mother-daughter bond. (Click Here for more information.) Susan joins us in the second hour of the show.

We will also talk with author Deanna Fei, who takes us on a tour of three generations of Chinese families, and how women are emerging more and more as important influences in the growth of modern day China. Her new book is called “A Thread of Sky.” (Click Here for more information.) So join us this weekend on our local station, or by listening on line right here on this site. See you on the radio.

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