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This weekend on the Radio!

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Several new radio stations have signed up for the Common sense radio show, and I am looking forward to a lively Easter weekend show.  Is the Lenten season still important to many of my listeners?  We will talk about it.  On the national scene, what happened to any creative thinking in both political parties? Are there any visionaries left in Washington or in our state capitols?  And a new poll just out says Americans across the country overwhelming want to elect their judges. What do you think?  We will talk abut it.

I’m amazed at the number of people I come across who have diabetes.  There is a new book out that offers a cure, by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, called “Cure for diabetes.” Dr. Cousens will be a guest on my show during the first hour to discuss this important subject.  Full information about her popular new book is listed below and by Clicking Here.

In the second hour, I’ll talk with Stephanie Vance who will discuss her new book, Citizens in Action.  If you are tired of the political rhetoric with no results, listen to what Stephanie says you, as an average citizen can do to hold elected officials more accountable.  More information about her book can be found by Clicking Here


And we welcome new stations WLMA am (1450) in Chattanooga, Tenn. as well as KSKQ fm(94.9) in Eagle Point, Oregon. See you this weekend on the radio.

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