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New stations sign up for “Common Sense.”

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The “Common Sense” radio program is all set for this Sunday, March 27th, with a full array of guests and important topics.  Libya, American exceptionalism,  and just how far the United States is willing to engage and pay the bill will be a front burner discussion with several national guests weighing in.  Author Doug Sanders will discuss his new nationally acclaimed book, Arrival City: How the Largest Migration in History Is Reshaping Our World.  To get more information, Click Here.

Author Preston Fleming will discuss his new book, NEW EXIT TAX: AMERICA’S BERLIN WALL? Fleming has identified five stages along the road to tyranny in the U.S., including concentration of power, corruption, polarization, crisis and conflict.  He wrote The Kamas Trilogy to dramatize the kind life Americans might expect under a future authoritarian regime.

And we want to welcome a number of new stations to our network of affiliates all over the country.  Here is a partial list of recent new radio stations that carry Jim Brown’s “Common Sense.”Â  We will see you Sunday, 9: am till 11:00 am central time.

KLNG (Omaha)
WLMR (Chattanooga)
WSKY (Asheville)
WFAM (Augusta)
WBXR (Huntsville)
WELP (Greenville)
KCNW (Kansas City)
WWNL (Pittsburgh)
WBRI (Indianapolis)
KXKS (Albuquerque)
WYYC (York)
WIJD (Mobile)
WNVY (Pensacola)
WVTJ (Pensacola)
WCPC (Tupelo)
WITK (Wilkes-Barre / Scranton)
KWDF (Alexandria)
KIOU (Shreveport)

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