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Jam Packed Weekend Radio Show!

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My weekend radio show is shaping up with a jam packed topic lists and some really interesting guests.  Please note that a number of new stations tat have recently joined the {Common sense’ network, run the program at varying times throughout the weekend.  My show runs live on Sunday Mornings from 9:00 am until 11:00 am central time.  But check your local affiliate station for a number of stations run “Common Sense“ on both Saturday night and Sunday night, and often several times each over the weekend.   Here are few more stations that have recently joined our network and who run my show on Saturday evening.

 Banning, California  KMET 1490 AM

Lakeland, Florida    WWAM  1330 AM

Pensacola, Florida   WVTJ  610 AM

Hahira, Georgia       WTHV  810 AM

Moultrie, Georgia   WHBS  1400 AM 

 Our show begins with an over view of the Middle East, and Presidential politics.  Then I will be joined by Daniel Rasmussen, telling the chilling story and discussing his new book “American UprisingThe Untold story of America’s Largest Slave Revolt,”Â  all that took place here in Louisiana in the 1850s.  Information on this book is found by Clicking Here.

 And are you and your family doing a good job of managing your money? Bethany and Scott Palmer join the show to discuss how couples need to frankly communicate abut their money.  Their new book is a best seller called “First Comes Love, Then Comes Money.”  Here is informaion about their popular book by Clicking Here.

And finally, we will discuss one of the worst decisions ever handed down by the US Supreme Court in its history.  This week, the high court overturned a jury verdict of $14 million awarded to John Thompson, who had spent 14 years on death row for a crime he did not commit.  The prosecutors in the case withheld key evidence that certainly would have set him free.  It was obvious from the evidence that the New Orleans prosecutors had “dishonored” their obligation to present the true facts to the jury.  Author John Hollway, whose book, “Killing Time“ covers the case in detail, will be a guest on my show.  The case makes it clear that those who should be in jail are the prosecutors and the investigating police officers involved who orchestrated this outrageous decision.  More information about John’s book can be found by Clicking Here.

 Looking forward to seeing you this weekend on the radio.

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