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Tippi Hedren (The Birds) on the radio!

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 We won’t have to worry about what all to talk about on my Sunday radio program.  The shooter in Tuscan, and just what his motives were.  What looks to be the same old gridlock in Washington?  Pro footballer Michael Vick wants a dog.  What?  The dog killer wants another one?  Good luck with that!  And remember the chilling Hitchcock movie “The Birds?”Â  Who can forget those massive flying flocks diving down on the heroine of the movie, actress Tippi Hedren!”Â  Well guess what?  Tippi will be a guest during the 10:00 hour (central time).  So much to talk about and I sure hope you will tune in.  You can listen live over this site, and in stations all over America.  See you on the radio.

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