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Things just sometimes go wrong!

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My home state of Louisiana has been the poster child for being cursed by the Black Swan theory.  I had the opportunity a few months ago to visit with the theories’ originator, Nassim Taleb. That’s him with me in the photo above.  He is a futurist, and an economic philosopher.  Taleb says some leaders live in a world where they feel disasters rarely happen.  It’s the proverbial “black swan” theory. In ancient literature, a black swan was a proverbial phrase for something extremely rare or non-existent. Certainly a good metaphor for the mindset of both BP and federal and regulators following the recent Gulf spill.  But this ignores the basic premise we all know as Murphy’s Law.  “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.  Louisiana and the nation need to be more cognoscente that “stuff” dos happen and game plans need to be in place. You can read a recent question and answer session in Time Magazine with Taleb by Clicking Here.

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