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Lively radio Show this Sunday.

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It’s the day after New Year’s this Sunday, and we have a fully packed radio show planned.  We hope you can find time to spend two hours with us from 9:00 am until 11:00 am central time.  Of course we will be talking about your New Year’s resolutions, and what to expect on the national scene.  We join you in hoping for a much better 2011.

 Hey, how would you spend your life if you had just one year to live?  Jim’s guest will be Clint Arthur, who has written several books on how to change our life in the year to come.  Here’s just a few of the topics I’ll be covering with Clint in our second hour on Sunday.

 1) Why do so many people give up on New Year’s resolutions by the end of January?  

2) What are the 5 things our listeners must do immediately to make 2010 the best year of their life?

3) How does a person’s subconscious mind trick them into short-changing themselves, and how can a person turn that around?

4) How did you quit smoking, lose 40-pounds, and triple your income, and why will only 1 out of 34 people be able to quit smoking this year?

5) So let’s use smoking as an example, tell us the 11 ways to keep your resolution to quit smoking.

6) Are there actually some very common goals that do more harm than good?  

7) A lot of people have friends who are holding them back ““ how can our listeners stop their friends from destroying their dreams and ambitions?

 Got your interest?   We will cover much more with Clint Arthur on Sunday. Be sure to tune in.  To access Clint’s website and order his several books, by Clicking Here.

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