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Jim’s Sunday Radio Show Update.

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Political campaign money is being raised at record rates by candidates across the nation.  No sooner is one election over than incumbents start raising money for the next contest.  The process just is not in the country’s best interest.  On my Sunday radio show, we will talk about how money is the key, and qualifications mean little.  My guests include Gabriela Schneider from the Sunlight Foundation in Washington, D.C. as well as Meredith McGehee, who is the policy director at the Campaign Legal Center, also in the nation’s capitol. They both will join me during the 9:00 am hour central time.

During the 10:00 hour, we will discuss the rapidly changing world of internet publishing, where short story writers can upload  their work and have it immediately available right to the palm of the readers hand. My guest is award winning author Tessa Smith McGovern.  Boy how the publishing world has changed.  And my publishing company, The Lisburn Press, has a number of new books in the hopper.  You can check them out by going to The Lisburn Press box above right. Be sure and tune in this Sunday.

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