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Radio listeners throughout south Louisiana can catch me on the radio for the rest of this year on WJBO out of Baton Rouge.  We will cover a lively review of both national and local issues that took place during 2010.  You can listen on the worldwide web at www.WJBO.com. The program is broadcast weekdays from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm central time.

Surprise last Sunday if you tried to tune in to my weekly Sunday radio show.  The winter storm and heavy snow not only postponed the Minnesota Vikings-New York Giants football game in Minneapolis, but also caused my show to be cancelled.  I broadcast the show from Baton Rouge or New Orleans each week, but the actual transmission goes out over three different satellites from Minneapolis.  My producer and engineer support were not able to leave their homes the storm was so bad, and the Genesis Communications studios were shut down.

So we are back on for this Sunday with a repeat of many of the topics scheduled from last week.  The corruption of politicians with campaign money will be the focus of the first hour this week.  we will talk about how money is the key, and qualifications mean little.  My guests include Gabriela Schneider from the Sunlight Foundation in Washington, D.C. as well as Meredith McGehee, who is the policy director at the Campaign Legal Center, also in the nation’s capitol. They both will join me during the 9:00 am hour central time.

Also joining me at 10:00 am central time will be author Eric Lamet, who tells of his flight with his parents from Hitler’s Germany to Italy during World War II.  It’s a riveting and important Holocaust memoir.  So tune in this Sunday on your local station or on this site.  See instructions at top of this page.

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