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A New Radio Station, and Sunday Schedule

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Welcome to a new radio station joining our “Common Sense“ Network this week.  Its station WTHQ, 750 AM out of Paducah, Kentucky.  I’ve been to Paducah, and it’s as great town in Western Kentucky right where the Tennessee and the Ohio rivers meet, half way between St. Louis and Nashville.  The surrounding area has several hundred thousand residents, so we are looking forward to a large listening audience in the weeks to come.  Welcome Paducah.

And this Sunday morning, November 28th, several guests will join me.  Gideon Rose is the editor of  Foreign Affairs Magazine, and has written a compelling book called “How Wars End.”Â  He argues that we easily get into wars, but do a poor job of planning how to bring them to an end.  He will join me at 10:00 am central time. Also on the show is author Freeman Hall offers an amusing look at what goes on behind the retail business and now stores tempt you to shop, all in his new book “Retail Hell.”Â  Timely reading at this “shopping” time of the year.  Freeman will join me at 9:30 am central time.  And of course, as usual, we will take a “Common Sense” look at the week in review.  So tune in this Sunday morning.

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