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Jindal takes a shot on spending!

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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has taken some roosting and hits from some skeptics on the national level for his all out call for federal help to deal with the present oil spill crisis.  They say that Jindal is being inconsistent and “two faced” in opposing many federal programs, including the stimulus package, while now asking for extensive federal money. But the Governor is taking a “cheap shot” on this criticism.  The spill did not take place in Louisiana nor were the prevention tactics overseen by Louisiana officials.  All Jindal is saying is that someone else has severely damaged the Louisiana coast and the Louisiana’s economy, and the feds, who are in charge of the oversight, should steep up and seed that the state is cleaned up and reimbursed.

The Jindal attack is portrayed below in an MSNBC Keith Obermann rant.  There is also an amusing parody of Jindal’s approach towards governing  in this week’s Family Security Matters magazine.  You can read it by Clicking Here.


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