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What Happens when the Cheering Stops?

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What a week for Mayor elect  Mitch Landrieu!  How could anyone create a better scenario to begin rebuilding and renewal in New Orleans?  An overwhelming first primary victory, the saints win the Super bowl, and Mardi Gras just days away.  The new Mayor is on an unbelievable roll right now with accolades raining down on Landrieu and the city of New Orleans.  But what do you do when the cheering stops, the crowds go home, and the street sweepers move in?  Can all the good will generated this week be harnessed and contained?  How do you keep hopes alive for so many who have been so disappointed over the breakdown and failure of the New Orleans political leadership in recent years?  Read some of his options in my column now posted.  You can read it by Clicking Here.

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