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What happened to the Tar Heels?

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Did you hear the one about the groundhog in Chapel Hill? He stuck his head out of the ground this morning, said it looks like six more weeks of bad basketball, and went back into his hole. As those of you who have been reading my site for a while know, I’m a diehard Carolina basketball fan.  I usually go to Chapel Hill for several home games a year, and take in the ACC tournament.  But boy, how quickly the team that won the national championship last year has fallen.

North Carolina basketball fans must feel like the Bill Murray character in “Groundhog Day” “” they seem to be watching the same game over and over. Struggling on both ends of the floor, their famous coach getting more and more frustrated, hang a higher number in the “L” column. “How much lower can we go?” was Roy Williams’ plaintive cry after the Tar Heels’ latest disaster in a season gone awry, a 75-60 loss to Virginia Sunday night at the Dean Dome. “How much worse can it get?”Â 

 A lot Coach.  And you share a good part of the blame.  You did not have to coach much last year with all your talent. Not much to do but hope UNC can struggle into some (any)post season tourney.  Then wait till next year.  In the meantime, guys like me continue to shake their heads and wonder what happened to the Tar Heels. Come on Coach Williams.  Qite shakeing yhour head and start coaching.


It should have never been in doubt. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is dancing in the end zone, having put together a thrilling last-minute drive to score city-funded Super Bowl tickets. In case you haven’t been following: Last week, it was fourth and long as Nagin, feeling a little insulted that he was only offered the option to buy tickets in the “nosebleed” section, was still looking for a decent seat at the game, and debating how to pay for them. He told WBOK’s Gerod Stevens: “I just thought that as mayor of the city, I would go to the (Super Bowl) as a representative of the city and of the Saints, and it wouldn’t be an issue.”

It looked like a long field ahead, but Nagin stepped up his game. Reminding any doubters that he is a seasoned veteran, he told WBOK: “Some people seem to forget I come from the business environment. So I got contacts at ESPN, USA Today, you name it. So I’m going to work it out.” That’s when Nagin made a critical call to the Saints organization.

With the goal line in sight, the mayor fumbled, then recovered when a reporter asked who paid for the tickets. “I paid for them,” he told WBOK’s Stevens before correcting himself. “Well, the city paid for them because this is an official visit, a business trip.” Touchdown, Nagin. And the extra point is good as NOLA taxpayers will also fund the mayor’s security detail for the trip.

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