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Could we be “the Greatest Generation?”

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We have read a lot about the “greatest generation.”Â  But where does Louisiana and America stand today?  Are we out of the running to rally for a chance to excel like our parents and grandparents did 70 years ago?  The question needs exploring as the World War Two Museum in New Orleans opens a huge new development that focuses on past heroes that sacrificed so much for their country.  Are we asked to sacrifice enough today?  I explore this difficult subject in my new column now posted.  You can read it by Clicking Here.

Tom Hanks produced and narrated the dramatic new film that was prepared this past weekend at the new Solomon Theatre as part of the museum expansion.  Hanks, a superstar actor, was down to earth and a delightful host. The movie, in 4-D, was spectacular and well worth a trip.


Tom Brokaw was master of ceremonies for the museum dedication.  He was a mentor to daughter Campbell when she was at NBC and a real regular guy.  His book, The Greatest Generation, still is a best seller.


Patricia Clarkson was one of a number of well known actors that appeared at the museum dedication. She is a native New Orleanian.



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