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“Start-Up Nation” receiving major national response

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The initial response to my son-in-law Dan Senor’s new book has been overwhelming.  Take a look at the various reviews below.  You can read an excerpt from the book by Clicking Here. If you are interested in getting an early copy, Click Here for full information.  Dan also talks about his new book and the world surrounding us in the video below.

There are two central questions that he tries to answer in Start-Up Nation.:

I.                   First, how?  Israel has the highest density of start-ups in the world.   Israel produces more companies that wind up on NASDAQ than all of Japan, China, India, Korea, and all of Europe combined.  And, on a per capita basis, Israel attracts more global venture capital than any other country in the world.   Why?  And how did the Israelis pull it off, especially when surrounded by enemies, in a state of war since Israel’s founding, on one of the few slabs of land in the Middle East with no oil, and – due to the Arab boycott – no zero access to regional capital and regional markets.

II.                Second, what can we learn?  For the past few years, global prosperity has rested on a speculative (credit) bubble, not on the productivity increases that economists agree are the foundation of sustainable economic growth. Israel, on the other hand, specializes in high growth entrepreneurship — start-ups that wind up transforming entire global industries. At a time that the U.S. is trying to re-boot it’s economy, are Israel’s unique policies in immigration, R&D, and national service — all of which contribute to its knowledge-based economic model ““ applicable to the U.S.?

Advance Praise for Start-up Nation:

Start-Up Nation addresses a tantalizing puzzle: How on earth does Israel have more companies on the NASDAQ than any country other than the United States, and what accounts for this tiny nation’s outsize high-tech accomplishments? An eye-opening look at a side of Israel that most people never think about.”

Freakonomics authors Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt

“There is a great deal for America to learn from the very impressive Israeli entrepreneurial model-beginning with a culture of leadership and risk management. Start-Up Nation is a playbook for every CEO who wants to develop the next generation of corporate leaders.”

Tom Brokaw, special correspondent for NBC News, author of The Greatest Generation

“Senor and Singer’s experience in government, in business, and in journalism-and especially on the ground in the Middle East-come to life in their illuminating, timely, and often surprising analysis.”

George Stephanopoulos, host of This Week, ABC News

“In the midst of the chaos of the Middle East, there’s a remarkable story of innovation. Start-Up Nation is filled with inspiring insights into what’s behind Israel’s dynamic economy. It is a timely book and a much-needed celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit.”

Meg Whitman, former president and CEO of eBay

“Senor and Singer highlight some important lessons and sound instruction for countries struggling to enter the 21st century. An edifying, cogent report, as apolitical as reasonably possible, about homemade nation building.”

Kirkus Review

The authors ground their analysis in case studies and interviews with some of Israel’s most brilliant innovators to make this a rich and insightful read not just for business leaders and policymakers but for anyone curious about contemporary Israeli culture.”

Publishers Weekly 

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