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Justice Denied!

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How can prosecutors continue to convict innocent citizens, send them to jail, and yes, even put those innocent to death.  You will be surprised, if you take a little time to investigate, at how often this happens.  Look at the chilling video below of Todd Willingham from Texas, who was put to death for setting a fire that killed his three kids.  But this week’s New Yorker Magazine concludes that a bungled investigation, and incompetent prosecutors, led to an innocent man being sent to his death.  You can read the whole article on Willingham by Clicking Here.

And  take a look at Times Picayune columnist James Gill’s column last week were he rehashes the gross incompetence of former New Orleans US Attorney Eddie Jordan.  As gill concludes, the only decent call Jordan made was to resign from office.  One of our all time worst of the worst.  Read Gill’s column by Clicking Here.




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