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Well I Had Never Been to Spain!

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Well it was Paris, and last week I was Barcelona.  Petty good hangin’ out for this guy.  And if you have been following my various and sundry jaunts, I never miss a good meal.  In the middle of Barcelona at the Casa Fuster Hotel is Restaurant Galaxo with renowned Spanish Chef Andrea Cavalletti.  The Chef and I visited below as I sent my compliments of an excellent rack of lamb.


The Hotel Casa Fuster is a special place to stay, right on the Grand Boulevard Monumento.  You can see below that I had quite a view of this magnificent city.



And when you first go to Spain, what (of course) is the song you sing during the trip?  No question.  Three Dog Night’s”Well I’ve Never Been to Spain.”  Right?  You can take a listen below.Folks on the trip got tired of me singing this tune.






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