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One of my Favorite Country Singers

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Country singing star John Conlee has been performing and racking up some pretty good tunes for over 30 years. The first time I heard him was up in St. Helena Parish about 45 minutes from Baton Rouge. He was the main act at the bear Creek Steakhouse and Saloon. He is a little guy, but has a deep voice, and became a fan right away. Oh by the way, he had an opening act that night. There was another singer who performed the same weekend back in the late 1970s. I was waiting for John Conlee to perform, and listened to the other guy. I asked the bartender who he was. “Only he’s some guy the drives in here from Oklahoma.”   “What’s his name?” I asked. The bartender responded: “I think he calls himself Garth Brooks.” Enough said.

I am pictured below at a Baton Rouge concert last week with my old buddy John Connolly. His hits are many including Friday Night Blues, Busted, and Rose Colored Glasses. He is featured on the jukebox this week with one of his all-time hits you will recognize called Lady Lay Down. Give a listen.


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