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Just what does Bobby Jindal do now?

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So what does Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal do now?  He stumbled in his State of the Union rebuttal to the President, and needs to find some way to get back on track.  I have a pretty good idea if I do say so myself.  Maybe he headed in the wrong direction when Jindal was bitten by the Presidential bug.  He got the first letter in the place where he should have been heading.  But no Governor, it’s not Iowa.  Take a look at my column now posted to see where Jindal should be traveling and what to put on the front burner.  You can read the new column now posted By Clicking Here.

Abd here is one of many responses I have received to the column, a good post by Len Bahr at Lacoastpost.com.  Take a look by Clicking Here.

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