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Clint and Me Hangin’ Out in New Orleans

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I’m a real movie buff, and generally see four or five movies a month. And who isn’t a Clint Eastwood fan? Therefore, it was an easy choice to go see Clint’s new movie, Gran Torino, now playing. He wrote, directed and starred in this compelling story of racial tension in an inner city neighborhood involving Clint’s South-East Asian neighbors and local gang members. Like in Dirty Harry, Clint has some memorable one-liners, such as Get off my Lawn!-said with a rifle in his hands.

I had a chance to have along visit with Clint in New Orleans back in the mid 1980s. He was there making a movie, and I was introduced to him at the Fairmont Hotel during a movie theater convention. He was down to earth, had lots of questions, and told me he might get into politics in his home state ofCalifornia one day. He later became Mayor of Carmel. We talked a lot about workout schedules, good food, and now much he enjoyed New Orleans.Below is a photo of Gladys and I when we first met Clint. Don’t miss seeing Gran Torino.


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