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New Illinois Senator-He will be Confirmed.

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Should the appointed new US Senator from Illinois be sworn in to the US Senate?  Of course he should. What ever Illinois Gov. Blagojevich’s problems, he still is the Governor, he has not been indicted, and there are no allegations that he made any deal with his appointee, former Illinois Attorney General Ray Burris.  Democratic Leader Harry Reid is holding up any confirmation because the Illinois Secretary of State refused to sign the Governor’s order appointing Burris.  I know something about the duties of the Secretary of State, having held the same position in Louisiana for eight years.  Any signature by the SOS is merely ministerial.  You cannot just arbitrarily hold back any signing or you are guilty of malfeasance in office.  Place your bets.  You cana read the latest update on the case by Clicking Here.  I say Burris will be confirmed and take over as Illinois’ new senator within the next week.  For more, see the video below.




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