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A Railroad job in Illinois

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Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich can probably count down the days until he loses the title “Guv.” His popularity is below 5%, he’s been impeached by the Illinois House of Representatives, and a number of Illinois Senators have made prejudicial remarks already concluding that the governor is on his way out the door. Here’s my problem. This whole process stinks to high heaven.

The current  US attorney who indicted him, one Patrick Fitzgerald, made a number of prejudicial statements in direct violation of the rules of the federal courts in Chicago and in most jurisdictions throughout the country.  Now we learn that the Illinois Senate has no intention of letting the Governor call any witness in his behalf.  Is this a trial or an “ousting?”Â  It well may be that it’s time for Gov. Blagojevich to go.  But there is supposed to be due process and a just procedure, not a railroad job.  The way his impeachment case is being handled is a blight on any fair system of justice.  Gov. Blagojevich gave one of his longest interviews about his prediciment to Campbell on CNN a few days ago.  For the full story of her questions, Click Here.  And you can watch her entire interview with the Governor below.



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