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Few Saints in Politics, and more Citizens Insurance Problems

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The Governor of Illinois continues to take any spotlight off of Louisiana, so there is some local good news in all the controversy up there.  Bu how about this federal prosecutor claiming that the actions of the Governor would make Abe Lincoln “roll over in his grave?” Well not quite.  You see, ole Abe was right in the thick of financial wheeling and dealing in Illinois himself.  Check out my new column with all the sordid details.  You can read it now by accessing the box on the left marked “Jim’s New Column,’ or just by Clicking Here.



And La. Citizens Property Insurance Co., the state’s biggest financial debacle,  continues to rip off Louisiana policyholders buy dragging out the payment of claims.  The end result is that all property policyholders, o matter who you may be insured by, will get stuck with a tap of well over $30 million.  It’s a continuing scandal now involving the state insurance department.  Read more about it by Clicking Here.

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