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More on the Derby-Unfit Mother!

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And how about this really troubling story also from the Derby. Cops busted a couple who took a gamble by leaving their baby alone in a car while they went to watch the Kentucky Derby. Police say the 2-month-old was left unattended for more than 20 minutes during Saturday’s race. Police say the baby’s mother, Krystal Rose Downes, later told officers she thought her infant was safe enough because the car’s heat was on. She said she hadn’t endangered the baby “because after all, she didn’t leave the baby out in the cold,” and “she made sure she left the vehicle running so the heat could be kept on.”

The car was left running in a busy parking lot. Downes was arrested on misdemeanor child-endangerment charges. A real unfit mother. Charges should be greater than a misdemeanor.

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