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Gov. Jindal Vice Prez Watch

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JINDAL VICE PREZ WATCH- Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s status as one of the final choices of joining the McCain ticket as the vice presidential nominee picked up steam last night, as Jindal met with McCain at a private dinner held at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans. Odds makers in Washington say the McCain list has been whittled down considerably, to less than five names, and Jindal is very much in that number.  Jindal is in the middle of quite a week.  Dinner Monday night with the President (also at Commander’s Palace), a private tete -a -tete with the current Republican nominee, he speaks to the Washington Press Club early next week, and tops this off with an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno this Monday night.  All while keeping a tight reign on the Louisiana  legislative session now in progress. What’s next?  His own sitcom?  The JIndal Bunch.

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