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Gaming sign

There is a sign at the front door of many of our local gambling establishments in New Orleans that reads you can enter at 18, but you cannot gamble or drink until you are 21.? Makes good sense, right?? I supposed if you are 18, about all you can do is to stand around for a few years until you are 21. If you live in another state and this makes no sense to you, remember, this is the Big Easy.? We live a little differently down here.

Anderson Baker

Insurance continues to be a front burner issue in Louisiana, and I try to do a segment on the many problems being faced by homeowners and small business each week.? Insurance Agency head Anderson Baker joined me this week to answer questions from listeners, and help me explain the long process we need to go through to eventually obtain lower insurance rates throughout the Gulf Coast.? There are some solutions out there but the former Governor and present Insurance Commissioner have shown little indication that they are willing to make hard choices like surrounding states have done.

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