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FEMA Trailers Can Be Dangerous

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FEMA trailers and formaldehyde

Thursday 07-26-2007 8:51am? CT

FEMA trailers and formaldehyde were hot topics on my show this week.? There are major problems with numerous FEMA trailers located in both Louisiana and Mississippi, and the phones rang continually as many callers shared their experiences with health problems linked to formaldehyde that is emitted fro the wood bindings of a number of trailers supplied to Hurricane Katrina and Rita victims by FEMA.

Paul Stewart, from Bay St. Louis, was a guest on my show Wednesday.? He is a former Army Lieutenant who lived in a FEMA trailer, and had some real congestion problems.? Paul testified before a congressional committee last week in Washington, and received nationwide publicity”

“Louisiana FEMA director Jim Stark also joined me in studio, and took many questions about trailer safety, and options for those who want alternative housing.? Jim took a lot of tough questions, but hung in there for a long hour.”

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