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Tom Laird was a guest during the 9:00 hour on Tuesday of this week, and talked at length about his combined experiences of New Orleans and his lengthy trips to Tibet.

Tom’s new book on Tibet is in book stores all over New Orleans.



Increasing crime rates and what to do about it was the focus of my show on Tuesday of this week.? Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gussman joined me along with New Orleans City Council President Oliver Thomas to discuss a new “NO Crime” program? to update crime locations by map on the web.


Tulane Journalism Professor Paul Greenberg was with me on the show on Wednesday, and we covered the gamut of subjects, including Recovery Czar Blakely’s comparison to Don Imus, the New Orleans job market, and the miserable insurance climate in the Greater New Orleans area.


Gubernatorial candidate John Georges was a a guest on my show Monday.? He has $5.5 million in the bank and says he will announce for Governor in Mid June.? John feels the time is right for a businessman to run with new ideas.


The New Orleans Levee is a satirical publication at newsstands all over the New Orleans area.? Publisher Rudy Vorkapic came by this morning to share some humorous commentary.


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