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April 17, 2019


It’s getting close to time for qualifications in this year’s gubernatorial election campaign. If you’re running for a major statewide office, it is almost too late to get started, unless you are a millionaire.  So what’s the story in the governor’s race? Incumbent Gov. John Bell Edwards looks to be in the driver’s seat, having $10 million in the bank, and opponents who are, at this date, not all that well known. But what about an elephant the room? Somebody that could cause the Governor real problems? I write about it in this week’s column. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above or by Clicking Here.

Weekend Radio Show Schedule!

Weekend radio is close at hand, and we have a lively show planned for all our listeners. Former VP Joe Biden is about to announce for president, and we will discuss whether he is insensitive to the#MeToo movement with business coach Kelly Accetta. (  And how about the death penalty. For or against?  We will discuss with Hannah Cox, National Manager of Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty. ( Finally, what a golfing display put on by Tiger Woods last week.  How did he recover from back surgery? We will talk with Dr. John Paul Peloza an orthopedic surgeon out of Dallas. Check local listings for times of the stations. We will see you on the radio.

April 16, 2019

Notre Dame Tragedy!

Our family vacation traveled to Paris in 2004 and took us to Notre Dame. The cathedral has weathered some heavy damage over the years. In 1831, the writer Victor Hugo published his novel “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”  Hugo wrote: “[I]t is difficult not to sigh, not to wax indignant, before the numberless degradations and mutilations which time and men have both caused the venerable monument to suffer.”  This beautiful cathedral has a long was back from the damage caused yesterday.


April 10, 2019


Just beginning is the Louisiana legislature’s bi-annual fiscal session, and election season is only months away. There are lots of goofy proposed laws thrown into the legislative hopper. Rather than dealing with some serious funding issues, there’s much talk around the capitol about alligators, almond milk, crab traps, and meatless hamburgers. Really heavy stuff to consider. The most important issue should be early childhood development and learning. Louisiana kids are less prepared for elementary school than in any other state in the nation. I discuss this problem in this week’s column. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above or by Clicking Here.

Radio Program Show Schedule!

Common Sense radio weekend is close at hand, and we will have a full agenda to talk about. Old friend and Pastor John’s Stahl Will join us to talk about the Easter season. Why are so many young people no longer growing up in a church atmosphere? Then psychiatrist Dr. Donald Pet will give his conclusions as to why it will be women who will save the world. And did you know it’s now hot dog season? Baseball means different types of hotdogs. We will make comparisons. So join us for lively program. Check local listings for times and stations all over the nation. We will see you on the radio.

National Champs-Really?

Virginia won, give them that but with a lot of question marks.  and before everyone puts the university up for sainthood consider this.  There is a big difference between a “miracle” and biased officiating. Auburn beat Virginia and the refs put their thumbs on the scale. There were a number of questionable calls that went against Texas Tech.  But the fact is-Virginia is National Champion.  So we will all wait till next year.


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