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November 30, 2016



For a large numbers of Americans, New Orleans is by far their favorite city. And for good reason. When you list the very best of things to enjoy, food, entertainment, history, ambience, the Crescent City tops the list. But there’s trouble down in River city. Week after week, more killings take place. 10 people shot on Bourbon Street just last week. What’s going on down there, and what can city officials do about it? It’s a question that needs to be answered, because New Orleans needs to be known more for more just the city with the highest murder rate in America. I talk about it my new column. You can read it by Clicking on the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Weekend Radio Schedule!


Our weekend radio program is shaping up nicely, and we will have a full agenda of issues and guests. How much hacking is going on our country? Is your computer at risk? We will talk with computer expert Sarah Granger about this. Also, can a restaurant owner decide who they servant who will not be served? What if someone comes in acting obnoxious, or dressed inappropriately? Can the owners set a policy and refuse to serve them? Lawyer James Pikl, Who specializes in business issues, will discuss with us. And finally, where are all the jobs in this country? Apparently, quite a lot are available if you’re well-trained. Employment specialist Jolene Risch will join us. So tune in for a lively show. Check listings for times and stations. See you on the radio.

November 29, 2016

Hand it to the Prez-Elect!

Whatever you might think of president to be Donald Trump, you’ve got to hand it to him as he takes on various jobs at one of his hotels. It’s certainly good public relations for the guy. Take a look below.

November 24, 2016

Enough Pride in Louisiana?


Most Americans are proud of what state they come from. And that is certainly true down in the deepest of the deep southern states. Louisiana is a special place whether you live in the Deep South or are redneck, like me, from north Louisiana. The food, the culture, the music, the great athletes, and the curiosity all come together to make quite a gumbo. But the state is going through a lot of financial problems right now. Here’s the question. Is there enough pride in Louisiana? Can’t we do a better job of cleaning up the state and make the whole process run more effectively? Take a look at my new column now posted. You can read it by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Radio Weekend Show Schedule!


We have a great Thanksgiving weekend radio show planned. How about President-elect Trump’s immigration plans? Are the practical do they make sense? Dallas attorney Ann Massey Badmus joins us to discuss. And how easy will it be for Pres. Trump to institute his 100-day plan. Prof. Allen Saxe from the University of Texas at Arlington will be our guest. Finally, Georgia has a law that at bans Muslim women from wearing burqas and veils while driving on public roads. Is this legal? Attorney Byron Henry will give us his thoughts. Check local listings for times and stations. See you on the radio.

Great Way to Honor our Country!

Regardless of you supported in the recent presidential election, we all take pride in our country. There are many moving ways to sing the national anthem. Take a look below at one of the most creative ways I have ever seen.

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